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  1. This promotion will run on deposits made, this is subject to change at anytime.
  2. Contestants must be over the age of 18 and have an active Africabet account in order to participate in the promotion.
  3. The promotion is valid for Africabet account holders only.
  4. A 20% bonus deposit will be claimed by the account user upon making a deposit.
  5. The bonus is only valid for the deposit made. The maximum bonus amount to be paid out on each deposit made will be $50.
  6. The promotion is intended for recreational purposes and for Africabet customers only. Should a participant be suspected of abusing the spirit of the bonus, Africabet reserves the right to withdraw any bonus awarded, along with disallowing the participant from participating in future promotions.
  7. Syndicate betting is prohibited and participants found to have duplicate accounts or attempting to open duplicate accounts will have their bonuses and resultant winnings removed from all of their accounts.
  8. Money must be rolled over 5 times before withdrawal of bonus can be processed. ($10 deposit =$2 bonus so $2 x 5 roll overs = $10 of money turn around).
  9. Rollover minimum odds are 1.8, anything below will not be part of the rollover.
  10. No new bonus will be added on top of an existing bonus. Rollover requirements of the previous bonus must be fulfilled before a new bonus can be added.
  11. Individual customers betting patterns may be monitored and Africabet, in its sole discretion, may revoke any bonus and shall not be responsible for any losses that are incurred by the participant.
  12. Africabet reserves the right to cancel or withdraw this offer at any time or change any of its terms and conditions at any time and without cause or notice. Africabet also reserves the right to disallow certain account holders the bonus.
  13. Every Africabet account holder participating in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation.


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